Tuesday, September 21, 2010

15 Minute Cheap Meal (or How I Moved in and our First Meal)

(edit: I was too tired to take photo, but am sure will make again, and I think I should mention that this idea/recipe is from my "Aunt" Chelsey. Her ramen salads are the best! Served cold or hot)

Yaaaay! Yay yay yay!!! We finally have our apartment! Got our stuff moved in and Logan's parents went back to Missouri (we miss them, but are happy to be able to be on our own). Its been quite hectic and stressful getting our first apartment as 3 young adults (and I'm not even 20 yet).  My mother unloaded many...(use-full?) items upon our small living space. His parents were very nice though and bought us many needed items.

Anyways, our first dinner was on the cheap and the quick, as my feet were very sore. Take some left over chicken or fry up some boneless chicken and as we do not have a stock pan, I used the frying pan to also cook the ramen by adding water and the noodles with a few kernels of corn and green beans. Drain in pasta bowl, return to pan to fry noodles for a minute, and add seasoning packet. Takes less than 15 minutes, yet quite delicious and fairly healthy.

Satisfying enough for their tummies and quick enough to get me off my sore, sore, sooorree, tired feet.

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