Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not my day for baking, but I am thankful

So yesterday I tried to find a new recipe for the blog. I tried a different recipe of cookies and some Irish Soda Bread. Neither worked out quite right, infact the pizza we made for dinner was a bit under done too. So instead I want to do an update on what items I am glad we have.

The one item I think we have used the most is the mini coffee maker that my mom got for us that came as a pack of three (with a mini fry pan and iron) for college students. We have made tea, Coffee (once we got filters) Hot Chocolate, oatmeal, Ramen Noodles and even tried boiling water for potatoes with it.

I really wish I had a sauce pan so I didn't have to try to make gravy or noodles with a fry-pan or the coffee maker. I also want a stock pan to make soup and chili, which Logan has been asking for forever.

< I am thankful for the tea-jug and my yeast and the oven. I love baking, bread is yummy. I am looking up a ton more baking recipes and bread recipes. And don't worry, you can eat breads and carbs and still loose weight if you are worried about that. Just cut out that extra snickers bar, because its the calories, not where they come from.

I am thankful for our well stocked freezer, we had a sale on meat and therefore stocked up on some hamburger, pork, and chicken. There are only three veges Logan really eats, carrots (which are in the fridge) and there are frozen green beans and corn in the freezer door.

I am glad we have freezer paper and tape, which is soooo much cheaper than trying to use ziploc freezer bags. I know the air is out when I wrap with paper.  I just wish I had a permanent marker to write the date and item on it, right now I am depending on memory of which is which lol.

This futon my mom bought is soooooo sooo wonderful. You have no idea how good it feels to sit down when we didn't have anyplace but the floor for a few days. Its low to the ground but I will gladly deal with it!

I love my Logan, and I am grateful to Todd and my Mom and Logan's parents for all their help. I was not looking to make a "thankful" post like its thanksgiving, but I wanted for my own sanity to think of things I am thankful for, as there is so much that I am wanting. I wish we had more money, I wish I could afford things I don't have, but I am getting by, and getting by quite happily.

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