Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Update on life, and Bacon hint

 If you want to skip the bacon hint is at the bottom...

So you want to know why I haven't posted anything? Our paperwork on the apartment was accepted!!! Just have to go in tomorrow and sign papers, move in Friday! Logan gets to Alaska Friday at 12:30 AM! Wow things are moving finally!

My mom finds it really annoying when I cook, I can be a little messy sometimes... I really really didn't mean to drop the eggs! I am a bit of a clumsy kluts... Anyways so I have been trying to avoid cooking more than necessary... Cereal can't be too messy is it? Well until you spill it or the milk, plus someone doesn't rinse out bowls, but that is not me! Just wish it wasn't so expensive, and milk... as if we didn't go through it fast already!

But yhea, that is what has been up with me, why I am so stressed out. Also drove for over 2 hours yesterday, by myself!!! I have never driven by myself more than the 15 minutes it took to get from home to work. I had to drive my mom's blazer back from anchorage, Todd drove the Ventura, and my mom drove the new red Warner brothers classic or whatever she just bought for the company. While we were there we went to the golden corral, a HUGE buffet with like 4 different bars, Salad, Seafood, Meat (even steak and ribs! as well as chicken) and Desert. By far the best thing though were their ROLLS! I want to figure out how to make those, they were light and fluffy and had a touch of butter that was to die for. Talking to the waitress learned that they make the rolls there. Now to search for a good imitation recipe... once we get the apartment of course, my mom doesn't want a white house from me tracking flour everywhere... Hahaha


Now for that bacon hint... Do you like your bacon greasy? I don't. I don't like when it is all covered and soaked in the fat, nastyness. Why I am also not a big fan of fried chicken. I don't usually eat bacon because it disgusts me, I don't make it often and if someone else makes it I will eat one piece to be polite and then pass the rest off to Logan (who LOVES bacon btw, especially since its not a vegetable).

The best bacon is actually not fried, but BAKED. Get a rack for like cookies, and place in a jellyroll pan. Lay your bacon over and place in an oven to drip cook, just like a rotisserie chicken. Watch it till its done, I still have to learn how to do this timed right, but even if it is a bit over done it can still be slightly chewy, leave it in longer for crispy.Turned out well! Wanted to take a pic of it in the oven but the light on is too bright, and light off too dark. *sigh* Made it for Todd's breakfast, along with an omelet.

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