Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to: roast a good chicken

(Update: yay for schedualed posting! As of the time this puplishes MaSu and I are in Anchorage!! We are going to the Diamond Mall with some friends, and *gasp* I don't have to cook! We are taking sandwhiches for lunch. And I might not have a post tommorrow, but warning you now! Or I might have MaSu do a game or Music review, think thats a good idea? <3 WEFA)

You may call me crazy. you probably already did, but that is besides the point. I went out on a limb last night.

I do not have a fancy rotisserie cooker, or even a roasting rack for that matter. (OUCH on those prices!!!) I have one black "roast pan" that I used for the turkeys, but when the meat sits on the bottom it gets gooey and my favorite part is the skin so its not what I want.

So I did some research, to cook our full chicken in our oven if you don't have a rack to raise it above its own juices so you get nice brown crispy skin.

I used, a bundt pan!

I rinsed my chicken and spread butter under the skin and some salt and pepper. I felt like going for a classic since I have never made a whole chicken on my own before. (Well technically I put rotisserie chickens in the oven when I worked at Safeway, but it was throw in frozen, pull out and put in plastic containers, display for 6 hours.)

Don't you think it looks good?

I also found out that I can freeze my yummy bread rolls after the first rise and before the second, then thaw them and they bake perfectly! So yay for us not having to eat 18 rolls at once.

What is your favorite chicken meal? Do you have good recipies using chicken stock as I am making a HUUUGGGEEEEEEE pot of it? <3 WEFA

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