Thursday, January 27, 2011

MaSu's review: P2S where you get free stuff

MaSu here, and I am here to review for a website that is for people who like things for free. I've been using a website that by doing surveys and signing up for free samples and information on products or college, you get points that can be redeemed for items from Every single point you earn is equal to one cent, and it does not take long to get free stuff in the mail.

 I have been using this website for about a month and have already received a Zyliss pizza cutter for WEFA, and a cigarette roller for myself. We are completely ecstatic about this site, I earn about 200-300 points per day, and sometimes more, and i only spend about 30 minutes a day on it.

 The website is called and it is the best site I have ever seen. I would recommend you have a virus scanner and a good spyware scanner though, (such as AVG Free) points2shop is paid by the people that give you points for completing their offers, and sometimes the companies that put the offers up are a bit seedier and its just a good idea to have a protection when you surf the net in general.

My referral link is here and you can ask me any questions you want on there or in the comments. I mean, I have seen people who have earned an xbox 360 in a couple of months. My username on Points2shop is MaSuAnime, look me up, I am on at least 3 times a day.

(BTW- for signing up through the referral link, you automatically start with 250 points towards your first purchase!)

This is a review done of our own free will about Points 2 shop. We do not gain anything from them for this and all views are done by Masu. The only payback is the work we do ourselves on the website to gain points. All links to Points 2 Shop are linked through MaSu's referral code, please consider signing up and send to your friends! 

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