Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Fish Batter (BEST ONE EVER)

 (Okay, a quick update since life is being so crazy. I am still basically away but will update when get the chance.

While at Jeremiah's,  I had the BEST halibut I have ever had. Want to know what the batter was? PANCAKE MIX!!! Literally, he took the krust-ease or whatever pancake batter that is that comes in the blue bag, added a bit of water, fried in vegetable oil, put it on the plate and sprinkled with a bit of salt and it was soo good that Todd was burning his fingers trying to get more and more! It coated it just enough and was the best I have ever had, even better than Thorn's Showcase which is famous for their "bucket of but"

We were given some staples and I am excited to learn what I can make with powdered milk, so far it makes really really good hot chocolate, we finished of the container of powdered chocolate. Any one have some recipes for me?

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