Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Chicken Dirty Rice

First off the list, I had a friend coming over and my Mother and I were hungry, so try to come up with something quick and easy. The results were pretty good. Quickly looked through the freezer, found frozen boneless chicken and rice in the pantry with a plethora of spices.

 Frozen chicken, Olive Oil, Instant Rice, Various Seasonings (I think these were garlic salt, pepper, Taco, and Chili, because I was in mood for spice!)

Fry up the chicken in the pan with seasonings, make sure it is white all the way through, don't want to get salmonella poisoning! I was trying to be quick and make the rice in the microwave, but made a mistake (I said I was crazy!) I had put a quart of water for the 3 cups of rice because I was looking for a quart bowl. My mind got ahead of me! But so I poured off the excess water and put the rice in the same pan with the chicken and seasonings, browning it slightly and making a good quick meal in less than 10 minutes! Threw a "steam in the bag" vegetables and you have everything but milk and fruit, which can be made up for in dessert.

Thanks for reading my first post and seeing right off the bat that I am crazy! More to come!

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