Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pot Roast (pre sheppard's pie)

This first one isn't that innovative or interesting, but leads to something really good!

So, its my first time making a pot roast, my mom had bought one on sale and said it needed using up. By the way, she is out all day due to her work and is not teaching or telling me what to do.

I got my Tall Tall friend Todd who is getting an apartment with me to get down the roasting pan, unwrapped the meat and placed it in the pan. Filled it with a few inches of water and started going through the spice cupboard again! A bit of the garlic salt, some Lawry's all purpose, Black Pepper, Dried Onion. I think that is it... though I am not certain. I will get better now that I know I need to write it down! Flipped the meat over and did it again.

Stuck it in the oven at 350 for a hour or so, I don't quite remember. Checked it fairly often. Then chopped up some carrots (the whole bag! too many!)  and potatoes and tossed them in. Decided that I wanted a bit more, so upon finding a pouch of dried vegetable soup threw that in for good measure. When the carrots were soft enough, a smorgasbord! I think the vegetable soup packet had some good spices in it.

The meat was good and juicy tender, vegetables just the right done-ness! Read the next post to find out how I turned the left-overs into Sheppard's Pie (American Version)

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