Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chili and what I am working on! yay!

It's 3:05 Am. Yes I am awake, and will be the whole day. Yesterday I stayed up till 3 in the afternoon, went to sleep for 7 hours, and now have been up since ten and have fixed our sleeping schedule I am pretty sure.

At 3 AM I put a hunk of frozen hamburger in the crock pot, along with the single frozen bag of leftover chili from the beginning of the month to heat up. Once they are no longer frozen bricks, I am planning on adding some tomato sauce, and chili and Cayenne pepper. We want to go to the store to get some veggies and beans to add to this concoction that I plan on cooking all day long. I really mean all day!

(EDIT:) Throughout the day I then added 1 1/2 pounds of  red and kidney beans which then I had to split it into two pans. Some Frank's hot sauce and some tomato paste, and ONE de-seeded habanero (sp?) pepper. It has some really good kick! to town it down I used a little sweet barbecue sauce and 1 cup of black good coffee.  Tastes great! Its cooked in the crock pot for nearly 30 hours now!

What do you have to have in you chili? I am wondering if some bacon would be any good...

In other news, what did we work on yesterday that we stayed up all night? Only the STDs (Save The Dates) for our wedding! I am soo happy! Logan made the first one, I the second, then he the third. They are posted on my facebook for any that want to see the other two. We figured post cards a lot less expensive than traditional lots of paper, and are a lot more eco friendly than tons of paper that will be thrown away. I kinda wanted magnets, but this post card design is just so awesome! I am glad Logan made it for me. Yes he was the one that chose the rainbows, and he is sad I wouldn't let him say the card or boat turned to diamonds.

There is soo much meaning in all of the symbols and colors of our own design. The two characters are our avatars from the site we first met on. (which I guess I should post that story at some time...) And our first conversation was about the beautiful aurora borealis. I think that these just EXUDE our personalties, from my choice of "ides of March" being a literary reference, to his What to expect: sentence. And I will expound on the fact that "you could be on a boat too" later when I know for sure if we have the money to do what we want to do!

(Don't get what the what to expect means? Check out this video:

Anyways so yhea. That is what we have for our STDs, we got 100 postcards for 12 dollars thanks to my awesome searching skills. That includes the shipping, because otherwise it would have been just 3.99 for the uploaded custom design.

Sigh, Shipping to Alaska SUCKS. I almost got that Kitchen aide mixer I want for 50 bucks, but it would have been 111.10 to ship. So I am still waiting, and still searching for a good deal on a vacuum too.

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