Friday, October 15, 2010

Has not been my week...

No good recipes today either... Going crazy trying to do everything and not succeeding. But life goes on and things will get better when we get out of the rut.

That soup didn't turn out, so I tired using up the leftover rice by frying it and adding some bacon... Logan says its not that bad but I hate it. I said there would be some things not to do, so DON'T try to fry rice that is very soaked in broth that you tried to make into soup that didn't turn out. Also, don't forget to prep your bread before you put it in the oven by cutting a slit into it so it can expand. Otherwise your loaf will be really dense. Ask how I know.

Hope everything is going well for the rest of you! I have been going to anchorage a lot with my mom and not cooking a whole lot... Why lack of posts, so please don't kill me!

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