Sunday, October 10, 2010

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil

This is off topic of cooking, but something I am finding really really important. This is where some will probably say my crazy side comes in.

I feel everyone needs to watch this movie. I feel sick after it, but that is just because it is true. I am a previous Walmart employee. This movie has verifiable facts, and things I have witnessed myself.

The first thing I think about is their "low prices". You buy a shirt for 3 or 5 dollars. Think of what work would go into making that, how much the materials cost and the time. Machines are more efficient yes, but not that good. So how are the prices that low? By paying their employees crap. And not just the workers in China, though that is horrible and disgusts me too. The benefits suck. The health-care is minimal at best, and the company does tell its employees to look at supplemental things like food stamps and medicaid. This means you are paying for those employees as part of your taxes! Just so the wonderful wally-world can keep more of its precious profit margin.
So the higher ups can have a good cushion to sit on, and donate less than 1% of it. Really? Think about it, less than one percent. Thats 1 penny for every 100 dollars. 10 Dollars for every Thousand they make. Just 100 dollars if they make a million. Do you really need all of that +38 million and you choose to tell your employees (wait, no we weren't employees! We are supposed to be called Associates! Thats why they hate unions!)  tell your associates to work it out on 7.90 an hour, and look to the benefits you can get from the tax system???!!!! To feed their kids, or to pay for medical... Ugh, it disgusts me!!!!!!!!

And they destroy towns. They take subsidies and push out the actual moral stores. They destroy the environment in towns and basically murder people with bad practices, and don't get us started on GMO foods.  But stop listening to me. Watch this movie for yourself, PLEASE.

Here is the link for a free version on Google :

All in all, I work hard for my money, always have. I want the money I spend to go to a place that has the same morals. I don't want it to go to some bigwig's cushion. I want the people that work for my items to get paid the amount they deserve, just as I want the amount I deserve. Our Society is killing itself, trying to undercut others. Pay the amount you would want if you did the work for it. So if I have to pay 20 bucks to a person on etsy that really did make my clothes, I feel 150 % better than the 5 I spent on the walmart shirt.

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