Saturday, October 23, 2010

snicker-doodle/Oatmeal cookies with butter frosting

Picture is the Frugal Girl's, as is the recipe
My oh my! These are very very good! I made them today and they are sooooo easy!

I really thought it needed more liquid and that I had made a mistake writing down the recipe at first, but it is just a really thick dough, why you have to smoosh them yourself.

With a bit more brown sugar I would say these are snicker-doodles. They are great by themselves with out the frosting too! But she is right, I think that this needs about 2 or 3 batches of cookies for one batch of frosting.

I was going to use the left over evaporated milk from the pumpkin pie, but as I started the frosting I realized I used in the pudding I made... So I did a substitution of French Vanilla Coffee Creamer! Delicious but a little overpowering, I would leave out the vanilla extract if using creamer. Also makes it a bit thicker, so I had a drizzle instead of fluffy.

Here is the link to Frugal Girl's recipe and beautiful pics, sooooo much better than mine! :

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